Play Minecraft For Free Online

    With millions of players worldwide, it’s no surprise people are looking for free ways to play Minecraft. At no cost, you can choose to download Minecraft 1.7.5 (latest version) to play online or enjoy the singleplayer version from your browser below. Minecraft is an exciting sandbox game that has sold over 40 million copies since its original launch in 2009. Originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson and now developed by Mojang, the game has captivated both new and experienced gamers of all ages worldwide with its simple, yet unique and creative gameplay. Learn more about Minecraft.

    Play Minecraft 1.5.2 on Your Browser

    If you are new to the game or are looking for an easy way to try Minecraft free, you can play Minecraft 1.5.2 through your browser to get a taste before committing to installing the latest version on your computer. Please note that it does have multiplayer, but there are almost no cracked 1.5.2 servers to play on. This version is best played on singleplayer to learn the basics such as how to craft things and survive your first night.

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    Download Minecraft 1.7.5

    To play Minecraft online with other players, you normally would need to purchase a premium account. However, due to the game’s increasing popularity and Notch’s lenient stance on piracy, Minecraft enthusiasts have modified the game to be played for free online. This modified or cracked version has the full functionality as the official version but to play online you must find cracked servers, or servers with onlinemode turned off.

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    Premium Account

    After playing free Minecraft versions for a while, players usually end up buying a premium account to gain access to all servers, including official and cracked ones. You can purchase the official version of the game from Minecraft’s store and experience the game without any limitations.